I’m worried I won’t get a job after the course…

We’re a small school, more like a family and we will work with you one-on-one to help you to get where you want to go. We know most people in the industry and with some hard work from you and us, we can give you every opportunity to your career in Radio started!


I’m not sure if I have a voice for Radio…

That used to be a problem… in the 1980’s! But these day’s you don’t need a big, smooth voice, you just have to be yourself. There are so many other cool areas in the Radio industry too, like Marketing, Promotions and Producing!


I’m worried about moving away from home…

Most of our students aren’t from Tauranga, they move here from all over the country to study with us… so you’re all in the same boat… luckily we’re beside the sea… and have one of the best beaches in NZ! Don’t forget we’re a small school, more like a family, so we’ll look after you and make you feel like Tauranga is your home-away-from-home.


The Radio industry is dying isn’t it…

Ahhh no, it’s far from it! Radio is still going strong despite challenges from music videos and iPods. It pays way more than TV and was the most successful form of advertising last year, that’s over TV, Newspaper and Online!


It’s too expensive…

Our course is a nice compact 5 months, rather than a year or 3-year course! And, if this is going to be your first year of Tertiary study, you’re probably eligible for Fees-Free… which means the government will pay your course fees for you! Annnd, Student Allowances have gone up, so you can afford the really flash ‘2 Min Noodles!’.

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