NZQA External Evaluation Review

NZQA External Evaluation Review – NZ School of Radio – Category One

NZSOR comprehensively meets the most important needs of students and all key stakeholders. It has highly effective processes which contribute to highly valued outcomes. There is very strong evidence that exceptional performance will continue, guided and informed by effective self-assessment.


  1. Highly Confident in Educational Performance
  2. Confident in Capability in Self-assessment
  • A very high proportion of students complete programmes and qualifications.
  • The value of outcomes for students and key stakeholders is very high.
  • Personal and transferable skills gained help ensure students are work-ready, highly employable graduates.
  • Programme design and delivery, practical learning activities and assessment match student and stakeholder needs very well.
  • Students are very effectively supported and involved in their learning.
  • Governance and management are highly effective in supporting educational achievement.
  • Records clearly show high levels of student achievement.
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