NZQA Audit Result

“NZQA is Highly Confident in the educational performance of NZ School of Radio Retention and completion in the certificate programme has been consistent over the last five years, with an outstanding 100 per cent rate so far in 2010. Eighty-five per cent of first semester students are already employed in the industry. Written and spoken feedback from media operators, with whom students have been placed and graduates employed, emphatically affirms the high quality of their learning, passion, and organisation. All three are key elements of the New Zealand School of Radio’s kaupapa. Important contributors are the following.

  • A high level of personal attention to each student, with daily, weekly, monthly, and half-semester discussions on learning pathways and progress.
  • Wide and constant exposure to the media industry, with real-time practical involvement in broadcasting from the beginning of the programme.
  • A substantial body of learning supplementary to the qualification, delivered by industry specialists, to bring students up to date with the latest technological developments.
  • A strong focus on social responsibility and on opportunities for involvement in community projects.”

To view (in full) our outstanding results from the latest NZQA audit please follow the link

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