Radio Industry Internships

You must attend the 20 Week Radio course in Tauranga to be eligible to apply for any Internships

NZ School of Radio Internships

Each semester there may be an opportunity to apply for internships. These can vary each semester depending on availability and can consist of 1 week, 3 or 6-month internships, which can take place either during the 20 week course or directly after you’ve graduated. These internships give you once in a lifetime experience at some of New Zealand’s biggest Radio Stations. They’re also a great way to further develop your skills and get real life experience at a real radio station. The internships can involve on-air announcing, promotions, copy writing, production and programming.


Radio Stations involved with the NZ School of Radio Internship Program include:

1 week Work Experience Internships – Flava, More FM, ZM, Mai FM, The HITS, The Edge, The Sound, George FM, Mediaworks Network and NZME Network,

3 – 6 month Internships – More FM, One-Double-X, The EDGE, ZM, Big River FM

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