New Zealand School of Radio Gateway Programme

NZ School of Radio is now able to provide the Radio Gateway Programme to High Schools and Colleges within New Zealand. This is being offered through distance learning. The following units are available:


26553 V1- Demonstrate Knowledge of Radio Broadcasting
(Level 2) – 5 Credits
(This unit gives an introduction to the strengths and weaknesses of radio as a medium, basic promotional concepts and analysis of commercials)


26554 V1-Demonstrate Knowledge of Radio Broadcasting Law
(Level 2) – 5 Credits
(Covers Copyright, Broadcasting Standards Authority and the ASA)


10235 V5-Write a Basic Radio Commercial
(Level 3) – 5 credits
(Requires a total of 5 commercials to be written in total)


We have also introduced a new system this year which will be a lot more user friendly for your students. All units are $90 +GST per unit per student. We provide the units and the assessment and you hook–on their results.
Students will need to have placement for work experience within the industry one day a week over a ten week period. The station’s Programme Manager or the person the student is reporting to will be able to assist the students with the units, we are also just a phone call or email away and we do encourage you or your students to contact us should you/they need any assistance.
Many students have found that by participating in the Gateway Programme they have the advantage of having a taste of what the industry has to offer and therefore have a good idea of whether they would like to pursue this line of work/study, with the next step being attending the full-time course [National Certificate in Radio (Foundation Skills)] or not.

If you are a Careers Advisor or Gateway Coordinator and would like more information about our programme then please e-mail Melissa

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